Sandblasting Glass Art, Takarazuka Sumire Gallery, directed by Eiko Yamada

My Journey of Glass

Path from Music to Glass

I met the glass art over ten years ago. The beauty and eccentricity touched me like music. Immediately, I became a member of the school. Then I found out that the master of the school was the founder of sandblast glass art and was also the world know gold medalist, Kou Takeuchi.

Sandblast is a curving art on glass material. Its intricacy is made with multiple layers of curving a glass under 0.5mm. The creations are made with nearly hundred layers. The artist must carefully plan the structure of its sketch. We as students first visualize our image and draw out the plan then put requisition of the sandblast curving. To express the nature of color gradations, five to ten layers of colored glasses are applied for the outer glass coat. Its each layer is about 0.1-0.3mm thickness. For example, blue and yellow glasses are coated to create green then purple or smoke color and amber are applied over it to produce depth. To bring out freshness, pink is coated in between the blue and the green. This process appeals the essence of colors.

May I offer you my compassion for the glass art intertwined with a harmony of Europe and Japanese "Wa".